my report

I did well in english, sose, PE, ilearn and music because I got all highs in them.

I could improve in maths and science because I got the most mediums in them.

In all the rest of the classes I had 1 or 2 mediums.

I need to improve  level of peformance and behavour because they each got the most mediums.

I am happy with my report for last term.

A fractured fairytale …

(A) Once upon a time, there lived a boy of ginormous proportions.

He was very fat and had green skin with pointy ears, he loved lollies and chocolate anything sweet. He lived in a tree and his name was Augustats Gloop. Augustus was a very mean and selfish little boy, he didn’t have many friends at all. One day as he was sitting inside of his house, he had a knock on the door. He didn’t bother to get up he just yelled  “go away!” The person at the door was a gnome his name was Mike Tv, he was very small and he wore special glasses to see the tv and he was a clumsy boy and always ran into things as he can’t see very well. He was a very rude little snot and he to didn’t have many friends. Mike walked in anyway as he had important news to tell Augustus, but augustus couldn’t care less at all. Mike sat down on Augustuss favourite seat so augustus had not choice at all but to sit on him.

(B) The gnome never saw it coming when augustus’s bottom landed on his face and cracked his special tv glasses. “HEY I’M UNDER YOU GET OFF ME YOU’RE EXTREMELY HEAVY!” yelled mike. “I TOLD YOU TO GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” NOW TO REPAY ME YOU MUST MAKE ME A GRASS CAKE WITH GRASS ICING! said augustus. At that moment the frog walked in with the special delivery grass cake and augustus grabbed it out of the frogs hands and ate it all up,  the next thing they saw was augustus falling to the ground and throbbing at the mouth. “AHHH IS THERE POISON IVY IN THAT CAKE, HES ALLERGIC!” cried mike.

(C) “How was I to know the frosting was made of poison ivy!”, the frog exclaimed.

The frog Sully and Mike Tv never knew that the special grass that went into the had poison ivy. but it was very funny to watch Augustus react to it, his face puffed up and he got fatter and fatter. So Augustus tried to chase both Sully and Mike tv, but August couldn’t reach them but they just kept running as they came to a dead end. with one tree. Behind the tree was a funny looking man named Boris eating carrots, he was going on about some portal.

(A) At that very moment, Boris walked through the time portal.

He entered the time portal and the travelled through to 3045, boris was very excited, everything was made out of carrots which was his favourite food of all, he started eating away at everthing. He ate all the buildings, cars, buses, plants, animals even people! Boris was getting bigger and bigger and he started to get an orange tint to his skin. Then he got green hair, it seemed to be Borris was turning into a carrot! He kept on exploring this world, when he came to the olympics, his favourite sport was there! DISCUS! He sat down taking up 2000 chairs and he watched the olympians. Shrek, a green ogre was up next, he threw it as hard as he could and

(B) The discus cleared the fence and flew toward the airport. the discus hit an airplane in the engine and it came cloncing down. “IT GONNA CRASH” EVERYONE CRIED, “AAAHHHH”.  But no one can get out!

(C) It’s funny how windows can seem unimportant until you don’t have one.

because of no windows the people inside didn’t even no that the carrot plane is even about to crash. the they wont be able to get out. to be able to get out they have to land probably and then some one at the next airport to cut a hole in the carrot to get out. there were things fling around.

(A) But the flying chairs were the least of their worries.

The carrot aeroplane was breaking into tiny pieces and heading for everyone in this town. But then something extemely unusual happening, a huge carrot was starting to grow out of the ground. A boy called jack decided to climb the carrot hoping to find something amazing up there. Nobody really knows what he was thinking but he done it anyway everyone warned him to stop

(B) “Hey you dummy – get down!” she yelled. “get off that over sized carrot you might be stopping from growing and then we can’t win the biggest carrot award at the town fair!” then a giant came down and started killing everyone died except fiona and shrek. They  ran all the way to the beach and fell in love!

(C) The beach seemed like the best escape option at the time. they got married on the beach and had little flying babies.

And those that survived lived somewhat comfortably, though in constant fear that another giant was just around the corner.


A: Ruby Bell

B: Naticia Varley

C: Caitlyn smith



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Principal               Mary Fitzgerald

Belfast – Green; Childers – Yellow; Flagstaff – Blue; Hopkins – Red; Logans – Purple; Merri – Orange

Enrolment           110 (2013)

Telfast, Childers, Flagstaff, Hopkins, Logans and Merri

The Warrnambool College school colours are green and orange,

It said Tony Abbott and Johnathan Brown went here.


Animal engineering

this animal lives on planet pi-omega. its little size can help it hide it the grass climb up trees to get food and to get water it goes down to the lake. its large ears help it hear when a predator is near. it can walk on euuther two legs or four and it can climb very easily. it sleeps in the nest that the make out of sticks and leaves the nexts are usually up in the trees. it is a vegitarian so it will eat things like fruit and nut. they use there fangs to defend themselves.